Chocolate milk aids post-workout recovery

Image by Meal Makeover Moms via flickr
Image by Meal Makeover Moms via flickr

Taking on a more intense workout or exercise routine? Dr. Theodore Shybut, assistant professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, says you don’t need a sports drink after you work out. Reach for chocolate milk instead.

Shybut says a good workout recovery drink is a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

“The protein to carbohydrate ratio in chocolate milk actually is very close to what we know is ideal for recovery,” Shybut said. “Protein for rebuilding and repairing damage that occurs to tissues and carbohydrates for replenishing the energy that has just been burned.”

He recommends having a glass immediately after you work out and again two hours later.

“The early post-workout period is important because immediately after exercise, your muscles are able to absorb nutrients at a much higher rate,” Shybut said.

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