CHEF program combats obesity, helps families lead healthier lives

In a world where there seems to be an infinite number of food options, many Americans still lack sufficient access to fresh,  sustainable food sources and culinary knowledge. A dedicated group of physicians and nutritionists at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio are working to change this through education.

The Culinary Health Education for Families (CHEF) program offers classes to families and children which focus on simple cooking skills and nutrition education. Dr. Mark Gilger, pediatrician-in-chief at the hospital, says the program encourages children to participate in the program and pass on valuable knowledge to their families.

“How you eat is taught by your mom and dad. With CHEF, we want to teach the kids and show them what good food is so they can go home and tell their families what they’ve learned. If we can do that, we can start a chain reaction that will permeate across San Antonio,” he said.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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