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Baylor College of Medicine Women in Science

From the Labs celebrates Baylor College of Medicine Women in Science!
Here is the fourth post in the series.

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Learn more about the research conducted by these Baylor women of science in the following links:


Dr. Sarah Blutt — It takes a village (of cells) to heal the intestine

Dr. Jeannie Chin — The power of sleep in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Megumi Mathison — Innovative approach brings cell-reprogramming therapy for heart failure closer to reality

Dr. Indira Mysorekar A deeper understanding of urinary tract infections reveals opportunity to fight them back

Dr. Rachel Schiff — Interferon linked to ER+/HER- metastatic breast cancer resistance to therapy

Dr. Lilei ZhangThe Circadian clock in heart failure


By Ana María Rodríguez, Ph.D. 


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