Celebrate the holidays with these guilt-free treats

The holiday season is here, which means more opportunities for seasonal parties, get-togethers, and celebrations. Whether you’re looking for a nice treat for your next potluck or you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, consider trying these healthy recipes from Baylor College of Medicine experts.

Oatmeal banana chippers

Craving a holiday treat that isn’t filled with added sugar? Dr. Rajani Katta shares her oatmeal banana chippers recipe, a healthy take on the traditional chocolate chip cookie.

Apple crisp eggs-baking-photo

Apple pie is a classic holiday favorite. However, an average slice with ice cream is 400 calories. At 190 calories per serving, this apple crisp recipe from Roberta Anding is sure to please your sweet tooth without the guilt of consuming added calories.

Tropical fruit salad

If you’re looking for a quick and easy side dish to complement your holiday meals, this tropical fruit salad recipe might do the trick. This low-calorie dish from the Culinary Health Education for Families program at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio contains 70 calories per serving.

Honey-cinnamon carrots

Cinnamon is a holiday-favorite spice, but it also has important health benefits, including antioxidants and the potential to decrease cholesterol. Check out this honey-cinnamon carrots recipe from Kristi King.

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