Pumpkin for your skin?

When you think of fall, several things may come to mind: cooler weather, comfy clothes, falling leaves, and pumpkins.

But did you know that pumpkin has nutritional value not only for your overall health, but for the health of your skin as well?

According to Kim Chang, aesthetician with Baylor College of Medicine, pumpkin is a great exfoliant.


“Pumpkin has natural enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that remove dead skin cells on the surface. It also contains vitamins A and C, which are great for the skin.”

In addition, pumpkin-based products can help brighten your skin as well as help with smoothness and anti-aging. Vitamins A and C will even make your skin glow more – which is helpful during cold weather months that typically cause dry skin.

Although beneficial, Chang says you should not use a product containing pumpkin every day. She suggests applying a pumpkin-based product on your skin every other day, or every two days.

“Using it every day can cause the skin to react in the extremes – too oily, or too dry. It can also dry out your hands and cause cracking in your skin.”

If you are looking to make your own pumpkin-based product at home, Chang says don’t.

“Pumpkins may contain other ingredients that cause sensitivity in the skin or an allergic reaction. Packaged pumpkin products are safest.”

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-By Jeannette Sanchez

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