Healthy Habits: Dr. Emily Sedgwick manages stress with early workouts and family time

Taking care of your health is a priority and nobody knows that more than physicians and healthcare providers.

It can sometimes be difficult to find ways to stay healthy, so we’ve asked members of our Baylor College of Medicine community to share what they do in their daily lives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Emily Sedgwick, associate professor of radiology at Baylor, shares some of her healthy habits with us.

Q: What health decisions start your day? hh-Sedgwick-2
A: I exercise in the morning before work because I find it difficult to do so later due to work or family commitments.

Q: What is your go-to healthy breakfast?
A: I pack my breakfast and lunch every day and am very boring.  Boiled egg for breakfast, raw almonds for snack, salad for lunch.

Q: What is your favorite type of exercise? 
A: I run three to four times per week and do Pilates twice a week.

Q: What keeps you motivated during your workout? 
A: Exercising helps me to manage stress. My younger brother survived a heart attack when he was 35, so we have a family history of cardiovascular disease that keeps me moving. Being married to a cardiologist is also quite motivating!

Q: What activities do you do when you can’t fit in a full workout? 
A: I try to walk to my meetings instead of drive. I take the stairs everyday instead of the elevator.

Q: What is your favorite healthful snack? 
A: Almonds.

Q: Do you take vitamins and if so, which ones? 
A: I don’t take vitamins— I try to get my nutrients via food.

Q: How do you make an unhealthy recipe healthy (healthy substitutions)? 
A: I choose healthy foods during most meals so I can have pizza or ice cream on the weekends.

Q: What is your nighttime skin regimen? 
A: Neutrogena soap.

Q: What hobbies do you have to help you relax? 
A: Spending time with my kids and husband helps me to relax.

Q: What is your go-to Houston restaurant for a healthy meal? 
A: Local Foods.

Q: Do you use a pedometer or Fitbit and what is your daily step goal?
A: My iPhone has a pedometer. Since I like to run, I don’t pay too much attention to my daily steps.

Q: What is your favorite health tip that you live by?
A: Exercising first thing in the morning has really helped me be more consistent. I put out my exercise clothes the night before so I’ve already hit the road before I have a chance to talk myself out of it.

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