Take control of your diet, one meal at a time

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, especially during the holiday season, Molly Gee, a registered dietitian at Baylor College of Medicine, says the best approach to healthy eating is to focus on one meal at a time.

“You have to treat each meal as a separate eating event,” said Gee. “It’s not over if you eat one super-sized meal, you simply have to balance out your next meals.”


Breakfast is an opportunity to set the tone for how you eat throughout the day. Gee suggests incorporating whole grains and reducing fat by using low-fat or skim milk.

Throughout the day, Gee recommends incorporating a rainbow-colored assortment of foods to help get in more vegetables and fruits. It’s crucial to not skip meals as this can lead to overeating later in the day.

If you’re going out to eat, Gee recommends the following tips to cut calorie consumption at restaurants:

  • Control large portions by asking for a to-go box with your entrée. Put half of the food aside immediately for later.
  • Ask for the sauce or gravy on the side to cut out a few hundred calories or more.
  • Split an entrée with your guest.
  • Pair up an appetizer with a soup or salad for dinner.
  • Substitute the French fries that come with an entrée with the vegetable of the day.
  • Ask for the lunch portion even at dinnertime.

Although it can be tempting to skip the gym during the holidays, Gee emphasized the importance of getting consistent exercise throughout the season.

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