What causes hearing loss?

Suffering from hearing loss can be a painful experience for both you and your loved ones. Your first question might be, “why is this happening?” Dr. Shirin Jivani, audiologist at Baylor College of Medicine, says hearing loss can be caused by a range of factors and conditions.

“Commonly we see patients with hearing loss because of the aging process. But we also see more severe conditions such as sudden hearing loss related to inner ear issues.”

Jivani also says that balance issues and disorders can contribute to the development of hearing loss.

“Our hearing system and balance system are connected in the brain. Sometimes when you have hearing loss it can be related to the balance system.”

Learn more about hearing loss in the following video:

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  • The youth generation will have to face hearing loss as never when they will become older because of loud music played on earphones. They all do it, I see it with my children. Some devices automatically block the volume to a certain level when headphones are plugged in, that is a good initiative but not widespread to all music players and phones unfortunately.


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