Graduate student learning to make a difference through science

A vital cornerstone of medicine is research, which keeps the medical sciences evolving and dynamic. Dr. Andrew Sikora, vice chair for research and co-director of Baylor College of Medicine’s Head and Neck Cancer Program, helps cultivate critical scientific research in his lab.

Hsuan-Chen Liu, a graduate student in the Translational Biology and Molecular Medicine Program at Baylor and Sikora Lab member, says her time in the lab has been a valuable learning experience.

“Our research group focuses on understanding how cancer and cancer therapies interact with the immune system, and translating these insights into novel therapies for patients with head and neck cancer, melanoma, and other cancer types,” she said. “Working with a variety of specialists allows me to learn from their points of view. I believe I will be prepared as an independent scientist to tackle research problems.”

Liu discusses more about her experience with the Sikora Lab in the following video.

Learn more about the Andrew Sikora Lab.

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