Prep for performance: Celebrating National Athletic Training Month

As athletic trainers, we are commonly confused for personal trainers, but the difference between the two professions is significant.

First and foremost, athletic trainers are healthcare providers that work under physicians to provide care in a variety of settings to a wide variety of patients.

As athletic trainers at Baylor College of Medicine, our work is centered around appropriate sports medicine care on and off the field. We can:

  • Provide on-field care and consultation to teams and coaches regarding emergency planning and injury prevention techniques
  • Facilitate the referral process to the appropriate provider for expedited care when an injury occurs
  • Aid in re-integration to sport or safe return to play post-injury

Here’s more information on the difference between athletic trainers and personal trainers.


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By Meghan McKay and Sam Burton, athletic trainers for Baylor Sports Medicine in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery

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