Throwback Thursday: Match Day, 1978

Match Day, one of the most important days in a future doctor’s educational career, is March 20. Every year near the end of March, students across the nation discover which residency program they will join for training. And across the chasm of time, back to 1978, this eclectic group of students learned their matches as well.

In these photos from the 1978 Aesculapian yearbook, courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine Archives, students discover the future that lies ahead of them. This can be bittersweet for students who are about to be separated from their classmates. The Aesculapian yearbook staff summed it up in the caption of this photo package:

The years slipped by to wherever old years and minutes go, and suddenly the Match results were out. The last days of med school raced by until the impossibly distant goal of graduation approached impossibly fast. The intensive years with their intense friendships culminated in a dispersion as exciting as it was painful. “Dislocations only connect,” says anthropologist Edmund Carpenter, “the rest is silence.”

See more of Match Days past:

– By Andy Phifer

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