Curb buyer’s remorse: Skip drinks while holiday shopping

blog-112814-drinking-shoppingPreparing for some marathon holiday shopping? Baylor College of Medicine Psychiatrist Dr. Kristin Kassaw says don’t add alcohol to the mix.

“Alcohol impairs judgment and decreases inhibitions,” said Kassaw, an associate professor of psychiatry at Baylor. “You may come home with shopping bags full of impulse buys that you ordinarily wouldn’t buy.”

Kassaw recommends taking an extra moment to ask yourself, “How will I feel about this in January when the credit card bills arrive?”

Stay safe this holiday

Alcoholic beverages abound during the holidays, but drinking too much can lead to problems ranging from overspending, an increased risk of traffic accidents, and embarrassing yourself at the office party.

Kassaw makes these suggestions:

  • If you’re not used to drinking, remember you can become intoxicated more easily than more experienced drinkers.
  • Before drinking alcohol, eat a meal or substantive snack. Never drink on an empty stomach.
  • Drink water along with your alcoholic beverage – alternate a few sips of alcohol with a few sips of water.
  • Avoid using alcohol to relieve the stress that comes with the holidays. Instead, take a walk, watch a movie or clean a closet.
  • Don’t drink alcohol to loosen up before an event like the office holiday party. If you know you’ll be partaking at the party, avoid alcohol beforehand.

“Enjoy your holiday, be smart and stay safe,” said Kassaw.

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