Geneticist inducted into prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Pioneering researcher and Baylor College of Medicine’s vice chair of genetics Dr. James Lupski was recently inducted into the 233rd class of members of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Science, one of the nation’s oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers.

Lupski was one of 164 influential artists, scientists, scholars, authors and institutional leaders named to the new class in Cambridge, Mass. He participated in a tradition for new members that dates back to 1780 by signing the Academy’s book of members.

Academy Award-winning actor Sally Field, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns, novelist Martin Amis and jazz great Herbie Hancock were among the inductees. Field and Burns read from the Letters of John and Abigail Adams, and the ceremony concluded with a performance by Hancock.

“It was quite an honor to be counted amongst such artist and scientist. An enriching and unique experience in which to participate with Herbie Hancock, a  fellow inductee,  playing live music, Sally Fields reading letters of previous inductees from the 1700s, and placing my signature in a membership book that included John Hancock’s signature,” said Lupski.

Dr. James Lupski

“The Induction Ceremony recognizes the achievement and vitality of today’s most accomplished individuals who together with the Academy will work to advance the greater good,” said Academy Secretary Jerrold Meinwald. “These distinguished men and women are making significant strides in their quest to find solutions to the most pressing scientific, humanistic and policy challenges of the day.”

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  • Lupski has discovered several disease genes. Read more about Lupski and the award in the press release that went out when the new class was announced.
  • Lupski played a key role in contributing to the Human Genome Project. See a timeline of milestones.

-By Glenna Picton

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