New BCM publication highlights community service experiences

Service coverFulfilling Baylor College of Medicine’s goal of improving the lives of individuals is inextricably linked with enhancing the health of communities. The faculty, staff and trainees of BCM have a long history of developing innovative programs to meet the needs of Houstonians and people around the world.

The new “BCM Report: Service” spotlights some of the ways BCM faculty, staff and trainees are making a difference in the lives of people locally, nationally and internationally.

Take a look at the new publication and find out how:

  • A former homeless individual turned her life around after help from the Healthcare for the Homeless program
  • Patients are helping each other at Harris Health System’s Thomas Street Health Center
  • Baylor Teen Health Clinic programs provide support for young teens and their families
  • BCM education outreach programs are enhancing educational opportunities and opening career pathways for students in Houston, South Texas and around the country
  • BCM students are giving back to Houston and other communities, often through the same programs that helped them find their way to a career in healthcare or science
  • HIV-positive teens are learning from and depending on each other to shape their futures with the help of the Baylor Pediatric AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital
  • The faculty of the BCM National School of Tropical Medicine is helping quell public anxiety
  • And so much more…

Let us know: Have you or someone you know participated in a BCM service program?

Debra Passner, Executive Director of Academic Communications and Marketing

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