In Case You Missed It: Graduation recap, Catherine Zeta-Jones and bipolar disorder, and more

Hope you’re all looking forward to a nice, long weekend and there’s plenty of fun and relaxation on your schedule. Before you get too far into weekend mode, here are some happenings that you may have missed from this past week.

BCM graduation recap

diptic-styleAgain, we want to congratulate all of the 2013 graduates! In case you missed any part of the celebration, here are a few ways you can experience or re-experience graduation:

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and bipolar disorder

Recently, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones’ diagnosis of bipolar II disorder has brought public attention to an often stigmatized mental health issue. Baylor College of Medicine psychiatry expert weighs in on the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Learn about the symptoms and treatment of bipolar disorder.

Benefits of heart-rate monitors

For those who regularly exercise, why use heart-rate monitors? Dr. Theodore Shybut, orthopedic surgery assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine – who’s a runner himself – takes part in a Q & A on the benefits of heart-rate monitors.

Discover why heart-rate monitors have become a key part of exercise.

Club drug may help depression

BCM researchers were among those to discover that patients with treatment-resistant depression were twice as likely to report improvement after taking ketamine – better known as the hallucinogenic drug that some call “Special K.”

This drug has become popular in some nightclub scenes because of its “out-of-body” effects, and much research still has to be done.

Read more about how Special K may alleviate depression.

-By Jordan Magaziner

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