Gear up for Bike to Work Day

Bryan Presa
Bryan Presa

Get ready, because tomorrow, Friday, April 12 is Bike to Work Day in Houston. Biking to your workplace, if possible, is a great way to stay healthy during the workday and has many other benefits.

Make sure to scroll down and vote in the poll below to let us know how you typically get to work every day. Also, don’t forget about all of the bike trails available in Houston or in your hometown for a fun way to stay in shape before or after work.

BCM production artist, Bryan Presa, explains in this Q-&-A why he braves the Houston heat—and sometimes, even rain—to bike to work every day.

When did you start biking to work?

Early September 2011.

What inspired you to start biking to work?

The inspiration was part of a decision to move closer to my job, and reduce driving/parking costs. Driving in traffic every morning became aggravating.

In addition, I wanted to take back some quality time for myself. Other reasons include staying in shape and polluting the environment less.

Approximately how far do you live from work?

Two miles away.

How does biking to work affect your life?

Biking has improved my quality of life. I feel better both mentally and physically.

Even on the toughest mornings, when I get out on the road and feel the air on my face, it makes me feel invigorated. It helps me wake up, and I feel strong and ready to take on challenges.

What are the challenges of biking to work, especially in Houston rush hour?

Lack of designated biking lanes makes rush hour in Houston challenging. I certainly try to bike defensively – people often drive way too fast, are distracted on their phones, and perhaps even angry in traffic.  

Do you have any bike safety tips that you’ve learned through experience?

I would wear reflective clothing, bags or use lights whenever possible. Make sure to stay visible and don’t take silly chances at stoplights. Remember a vehicle weighs more than 3,000 pounds. Always wear a helmet.

Would you recommend biking to work to others?

Yes, I would recommend biking to work, if possible. You will feel better getting the exercise, and gaining some time to simply reflect and gather your thoughts while you’re riding. 

Find out other bike safety tips from BCM expert Dr. John Rogers. Vote below to let us know how you usually get to work, and comment to share whether you’re planning to bike to work tomorrow for Bike to Work Day.

-By Jordan Magaziner

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