In case you missed it: Autism on the rise, allergy season and more

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Autism news

The CDC reported this week the number of Autism cases are on the rise.

Researchers at BCM are studying whether a supplement called carnitine, which plays a critical role in energy production, can prevent a form of autism. Learn more about the study.

Allergy seasonIn Case You Missed It

Wednesday may have been the spring equinox, but the signs of spring have been plastered all over Houston area cars.

Dr. David Corry, an allergist at BCM, says the greenish, yellow dust covering your car is oak and pine tree pollen, and it’s causing allergy symptoms for a lot of Houstonians. Listen to Dr. Corry talk to KUHF.

Bad blood?

Did you know donated blood has a shelf life? The New York Times “Well” blog dove into a recent study that found donated blood breaks down after a certain period of time after it has been collected. But many experts told the Grey Lady that the benefits of a blood transfusion surpass any possible risk, so if necessary go ahead and get the transfusion, even if it would consist of older blood. Read more about the shelf life of donated blood.

Snake safety

The mercury is rising in your thermometer and our animal friends are coming out of the woodwork. One possibly unwelcome among them? Snakes. Dr. Spencer Greene, director of medical toxicology and assistant professor of medicine – emergency medicine at BCM, said the best way to guard against a snake bite? Avoid snakes. Catch up with Dr. Greene’s list of Do’s and Dont’s.

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