Celebrate National Doctor's Day on March 30

BCM Momentum will join the nation on March 30 in honoring our doctors during National Doctor’s Day.

While National Doctor’s Day has only been an official American holiday since 1991, it has a long history. The first Doctor’s Day was held in Georgia on March 30, 1933 to commemorate the day that a Georgia doctor performed the first ever surgery using ether anesthetic in 1842.

Leave a note in the comment section below to thank a BCM doctor for their work.

National Doctor's Day

-By Andy Phifer

0 thoughts on “Celebrate National Doctor's Day on March 30

  • I have so many Incredible BCM doctors. I drive two hours one way just to see them. Lior Heller md, Dr. Wasko, Dr. Fisher, Dr. Brunicardi ( till he moved) Dr. Goins, Dr. Weikert, Dr. Velo, Ryan Dimit, to name a few!!!!

  • To Baylor Geriatric’s Dr. Williams, Dr. Taffet, Dr. Seleck, Dr. Salmeron, Dr. Jaitly, and all of their fellows and residents from 2006 – 2010… you’ll always have my thanks for taking such wonderful care of the best doctor and the best nurse in the world.


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