Welcome new School of Medicine, Graduate School and Genetic Counseling students!

The first week of August marks the first week of classes for new students in the Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine,  Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and School of Health Professions – Genetic Counseling Program. We extend a warm welcome to our newest trainees!

Here’s a breakdown of who’s starting at Baylor this week:

An infographic showing pictures of each class of new students along with stats from each class. The stats are - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: Total students, 109; Texan, 23; Non-Texan, 47; International, 39; Female, 73; Male, 36. School of Medicine: Total students, 185; Texans, 158; Non-Texan, 27; Female, 105; Male, 80; GPA mean, 3.90; MCAT mean, 518. Genetic Counseling Program: Total students, 9; Texan, 4; Non-Texan, 5; Female, 8; Male, 1; Undergraduate colleges / universities represented, 8.

-By Anna Kiappes

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