Tips for taking care of your hearing aid

Have you ever wondered if you are managing your hearing aid correctly? Neidre Wilson, hearing aid technician with Audiology Services at Baylor College of Medicine, says keeping your hearing aid dry is key to maintaining its longevity.

“The main tip I have for patients, especially living in Houston, is to use their dry aid kit. We are in a very humid city and there is a lot of moisture in the air. If you have any issues with perspiration or you’re working outdoors, that can cause damage to the hearing aid.”

Wilson also says pet owners should be aware of where their hearing aids are placed.

“I recommend that if you have dogs or cats, be sure to keep the hearing aids out of their reach. Dogs love hearing aids.”

Wilson discusses more maintenance tips in the following video.

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By Nicole Blanton

One thought on “Tips for taking care of your hearing aid

  • Making sure to keep hearing aids out of a pet’s reach is a great idea. That way, you won’t wake up to find your hearing aid is missing. And, if you a have a cat, it would be a good idea to keep the hearing aid in a drawer. Cats like to climb, and they can easily grab the hearing aid or knock it over when they are exploring.


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