Eagleman to host television series on how brain works

The newest science series on PBS will showcase a familiar face, Dr. David Eagleman, assistant professor of neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine.

For two years, Eagleman has been writing and filming the international six-hour series titled “The Brain with David Eagleman.”

Each week, he will take viewers on a visual journey into the mysteries of the brain, exploring what we take to be reality, how we make decisions, where our species is going, and the fundamental truths of what it means to be human.

The Brain with David Eagleman is part of the PBS “Think Wednesday” lineup of science and nature programming and is scheduled to air Wednesdays, Oct. 14 through Nov. 18, 10-11p.m. EST.

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-By Gracie Gutierrez

One thought on “Eagleman to host television series on how brain works

  • Dear Dr. Eagleman,
    I am a Houstonian Engineer/Business/Innovation professional. Over the past year, I have explored a career redirection into healthcare neuroscience. In short, I’d like to contribute our understanding of the brain as a neuroscience innovator. Last night, I couldn’t get the Astro’s game and was so fortunate to have seen your premier on PBS! Thank you for this!! It was tremendous, inspiring, and I was struck that you have a lab at BCM! Hope to cross paths soon. Need a participant? LOL. I can make time. I am particularly interested in discovering how the brain harbors and manifests consciousness, as well as restorative topics for TBI victims.


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