Six tips for better skin as we age

6 tipsWant to retain the fresh and bright glow of your skin as you age? Dr. Ramsey Markus, associate professor of dermatology and director of the Laser Surgery Center, offers the following tips to help your skin age gracefully and correct damage.

1. Start with sunblock: The majority of age related skin changes are due to sun damage. It’s important to remember that sunscreen should be applied generously and reapplied every few hours when outside, Markus said.

2. Pile on protection from the sun: It’s important to take extra precautions when spending a lot of time outdoors. Simple things like sitting in the shade, wearing a broad brimmed hat and wearing long sleeves provide extra protection for the skin. Denim is always a good choice when outside for prolonged periods of time, but not ideal for the Houston heat.

“Denim is UPF 1000, as compared to a white cotton blouse that is only UPF 5,” Markus said. “Sun Guard can be added to laundry and can increase white cotton from UPF 5 to 30, and lasts for 20 washings.”

3. When it comes to skin care, be gentle: Showering in lukewarm water and using mild soap helps protect against dry, irritated skin.

4. Give your face a break: Overexpression causes wrinkles and making the same expression overtime can deepen those lines.

For those who always look tired, angry or sad, Markus said Botox™ does a great job of relaxing the muscles responsible.

5. Help with problem areas: Markus said most individuals in decent shape have “problem areas” that have collected more fat throughout the years than we’d like. An alternative to invasive surgeries that require recovery time is non-invasive fat removal. He currently performs cryolipolysis, which freezes and permanently removes fat cells in specific areas.

6. Lasers can help: Lasers are not preventative but can help patients with many skin issues, including sun damage, active acne, scars, rosacea and hair removal.

By Julia Parsons

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