Baylor College of Medicine launches brand campaign

Baylor College of Medicine today begins an extensive brand campaign to highlight its achievements and vision in education, research, healthcare and community service.

Giving Life To Possible
These are the hands of Baylor College of Medicine. Come see how these hands are Giving Life to Possible. In every lab, classroom, surgery, clinic and beyond.

“Giving Life to Possible” focuses on the people of Baylor College of Medicine, centering on their hands-on work to push boundaries in unraveling the mysteries of the human body. Broadcast, print and web advertising all are part of the campaign.

“Scientists throughout the world recognize us as a research powerhouse. Our patients know us as having the top specialists in treating disease. Students hope for acceptance into our highly ranked programs, and the community relies on our service. But, we have never pushed that message through a consistent brand. That’s changing now,” said Dr. Paul E. Klotman, president and CEO of Baylor College of Medicine.

Read more about the new campaign in the news release, and explore our Giving Life to Possible campaign.

6 thoughts on “Baylor College of Medicine launches brand campaign

  • Visually, it is a very nice campaign, but from a grammatical perspective, the slogan leaves a lot to be desired. One does not “give life” to an adjective. You can give life to possibilities, but not to “possible.” When I first saw the ad I was horrified – how could such a prestigious college have such an illiterate sounding slogan? I know it may be “hip” to sound uneducated in today’s world, but I don’t think Baylor College of Medicine is the place to employ such a tactic.

  • Andrea, thank you for the feedback. We agree that the videos look fantastic, and have passed on your comments to our marketing team. We appreciate you reading Momentum and sharing your thoughts.

  • I find the image of a goat in this video to be very disturbing. First of all, if you were looking for an animal to illustrate “fierce”, the word which is spoken when the image of the goat appears, who would select a goat? Perhaps a lion? Perhaps the Baylor mascot, a bear? Who would think of a goat to depict fierceness?
    Secondly, seeing that Baylor is a Christian, specifically Baptist, university, it would seem that using the image of a goat, used throughout literature and art to depict Satan, the occult, Baphomet, etc., is either a deliberate insult to the patrons of the university, or a huge prank on whoever funded this ad, by the makers of the video.
    Please explain the use of a goat in this video.

    • Hi Pam,
      Thanks for sharing. While Baylor College of Medicine shares the same name as Baylor University, our medical school is not part of the University in Waco. Baylor College of Medicine is an independent school and does not have a religious affiliation. I will be sure to pass your thoughts on to our marketing department. Thanks for reading the blog!

      Audrey Marks

  • This is very stimulating visually. Can’t help but be captured by it, the narration, the visuals, even the music. And speaking of the music, is it an original piece tailored just for this campaign? Or it was borrowed? Also, where can I find the music? I absolutely love it


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