And the (lab) Grammy goes to…

While you may have tuned into the Grammy awards this month, a smaller group waited at their keyboard to see who would win the 2015 Lab Grammy for Education Video and Song Parody Video of the year awarded by BioTechniques.

Winning the inaugural award for the Best Education Video was Suhas Rao, Sarah Nyquist and Ivan Bochkov, members of the Erez Lieberman Aiden lab at Baylor College of Medicine, and Miriam Huntley, a Ph.D. student in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences working with Aiden, for their video, “A 3D map of the Human Genome.”

Nyquist, who is completing a pre-doctoral fellowship in the Aiden lab, told Biotechniques:

“We tried to think of a way to explain the science that would be informative and engaging to a wide audience, including people outside of the field. The main focus of our paper was on how the genome is folded up inside the nucleus of a cell. We thought that origami was the perfect metaphor to illustrate how genome folding drives function.”

Congratulations to the lab members!

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-By Audrey M. Marks

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