5 simple tips to protect against swimmer’s ear

When you get ready to hit the pool to get in a few last cannonballs this summer, be sure to protect yourself against swimmer’s ear.

Swimmer’s ear is an inflammation of the outer ear often caused by a buildup of moisture after swimming or showering. It could cause swelling, redness, itching, muffled hearing or discharge from the ear.

With these simple tips from Dr. Jeffrey Vrabec, Baylor College of Medicine associate professor of otolaryngology, you can help prevent symptoms of swimmer’s ear.

Swimmer's Ear

However, you shouldn’t clean your ear too vigorously, Dr. Vrabec says. Doing so could damage your skin barrier and increase the chance of an infection.

Think you are experiencing swimmer’s ear? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Vrabec.

Here are a few more warm-weather tips for the poolside:

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