Ten tips to avoid sinus infections

sinus-infections-thumbDon’t let your sinuses sideline you this summer.

Dr. Mas Takashima, associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine, offers the following ten tips to help prevent a sinus infection.

  1. Frequently wash your hands.
  2. Keep the nose moist with nasal saline sprays (the cilia inside the nose work more effectively in a moist environment).
  3. Keep your allergies managed well.
  4. Avoid nasal irritants such as pollution, smoke.
  5. Irrigate your sinuses on a regular basis (from once a day to once a week for some) with a saline sinus wash.
  6. Take oral probiotics especially after taking antibiotics in efforts to replenish the natural biome of the sinuses.
  7. Try to avoid taking antibiotics or steroids if possible as both will affect the natural good bacteria (biome) that lives in the sinuses and allows bad bacteria to proliferate.
  8. Persistent nasal congestion can decrease airflow to the sinuses and may also block the outflow track of the sinuses.  If you have a badly deviated septum or a hole in your septum, getting that repaired will be beneficial.
  9. Swim in salt water pools as they are less irritating to the nasal and sinus mucosa and produce much less inflammation when compared to chlorinated pools.
  10. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a strong immune system as other illnesses such as a viral cold or flu can cause a sinus infection to occur.

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