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Whether you’re curious about what medical school is like or you’ve had a similar experience in the clinic or classroom, our student blog Progress Notes offers student insight on medicine, healthcare and experiences from the frontlines of research.

Choosing medicine

There are a million reasons why students choose to enroll in medicine school. Lucy Zhu, an MS2, offers the multitude of reasons she came to Baylor College of Medicine.  Read her story.

Not (exactly) like TV

Emergency rooms can make for a good television drama, especially when a code blue is announced on the PA system and everything moves in slow motion. But MS4 Donna Huang said the first code blue she experienced was anything but.  Huang shares how she handled the emotional experience.

Don’t drop the baby!

When the chief resident said, “Don’t drop the baby!” MS2 Stephen Manning couldn’t help but remember a time when as a child his grip wasn’t so steady. Read Manning’s account of the first time he helped deliver a baby.

Compassion and patients

Clinical rotations enable our students to interact with patients. And as our student bloggers found out patients struggling with terminal illnesses and death can hit home.

Read MS3 Maria Adelaida Otaxo’s experience with a terminal cancer patient.

MS3 Anup Shah shares a personal story after his grandfather was put on life support.

Additional Resources

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-By Audrey M. Marks

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