In Case You Missed It: Beginning a new school year at BCM, hydrating after exercise, and more

We hope that you’ve had a great week and a relaxing weekend ahead! Thanks for joining us as we bring you some news you have missed from this week.

In Case You Missed It

A new year begins at Baylor College of Medicine

This week, the Baylor College of Medicine community welcomed incoming medical and graduate students as they begin their journey at the College.

See the breakdown in numbers for:

CDC director visits Baylor-Uganda Children’s Clinical Center of Excellence

Recently, Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, made an official visit to tour the Baylor College of Medicine-Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Clinical Center of Excellence in Uganda. This program is part of the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Read more about the CDC director’s visit to the Baylor-Uganda’s Children’s Center.

See details and see photos from the celebration of the recent expansion of the Baylor International Pediatrics AIDS program.

Healthy kids’ diets: Spotlighting magnesium

A new study from the USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital clarifies that the magnesium content of a diet is significantly related to bone strength.

BCM’s Dr. Steven Abrams says, “Dietary magnesium intake levels tend to be at a healthy level in small children, but we see deficiencies in these levels in teens and young adults.”

Magnesium is found in foods such as dairy products, nuts and veggies.

Learn about the new findings.

How to hydrate after sports, exercise

It’s always important to stay hydrated before and after exercise, but even more key to staying safe during the summer.

A Chron blog names seven things to drink after sports.

What do you like to eat and drink before and after exercising?

-By Jordan Magaziner

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