Welcome, new Baylor College of Medicine medical students!

Incoming medical students at Baylor College of Medicine are starting their adventure with orientation today. Medical students, we welcome you to our community!

By the numbers

Here’s who’s starting at BCM today:

Incoming Medical Students

M.D. student highlights

Dr. Harold Varmus, co-recipient of the Nobel Prize for studies of the genetic basis of cancer in 1989 and director of the National Cancer Institute since 2010, was BCM’s 2013 commencement speaker.

He sent off the medical and graduate school’s graduating class. Hear from Dr. Varmus, who challenged graduates to consider social responsibility in their careers.

Explore the medical school at Baylor College of Medicine.

Get a sense of student life at Baylor College of Medicine.

Take a look at stats for our new Allied Health and Physician Students, who recently had their orientations.

See Match Day 2013 by the numbers to see where last year’s fourth-year students matched.

Congratulations to our new medical students; we hope you enjoy your first day at Baylor College of Medicine!

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  • Orientation was such a blast four years ago… time certainly flies!


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