In case you missed it: Coping with tragedy, DNA and Recyclemania!

diptic-styleWe hope your weekend is off to a great start. Catch up on the news, announcements, events and headlines you may have missed this week.

Resources for a rough week

It’s been a week that has been dominated by news of violence and tragedy. With the nation reeling from the bomb explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday, the discovery of ricin sent in letters to President Barack Obama and Missouri’s Sen. Roger Wicker, and the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, the news hasn’t been good.  BCM Momentum offers resources as we sort through these difficult times.

Coping with tragedies: BCM expert offers advice

What is ricin? What are its effects?

BCM joins Houston ISD in creating magnet middle school academy

Baylor College of Medicine joined Houston Independent School District to create a new magnet middle school at the historic Ryan Middle School site.

BCM President and CEO Dr. Paul Klotman said the new school reflects the College’s commitment to educating youth in science and math and encouraging them in medical fields.

Read our Q&A with BCM’s Dr. Nancy Moreno, professor and senior associate director of BCM’s Center for Educational Outreach.

Read the press release announcing the new school.

Bioengineered organs the future of transplants?

This week the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital researchers published a report on regenerating organs for transplants in “Nature Medicine.” Using organs not suitable for transplants, researchers used the natural scaffold of organs and used viable cells to grow an organ for patients. Watch the video and read more at the Txchnologist online magazine. 

BCM top in Texas Recyclemania! contest

Ahead of Monday’s Earth Day celebration, we had exciting news about the College’s recycling program receiving accolades. Not only did BCM take the top spot in the nationwide Recyclemania! contest, the College placed 4th in the country. Through BCM cut back on using water and increased the amount of metal, plastic and paper to win accolades and grants locally and across the country.

Check out our results by the numbers.

Sequencing our DNA

Did you know BCM helped sequence human DNA? This month the Human Genome Project turns 10 years old. Read more about the advancement of the human genome in the last decade.  Don’t miss the photo from the BCM’s Genome Sequencing Center as the article’s featured image.

Be sure to check back with BCM Momentum next week when we examine BCM’s role in the Human Genome Project and celebrate National DNA day.

By Audrey M. Marks

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