Lymphoma patient shares cancer treatment journey

Lymphoma is a cancer that impacts the lymphatic system, a part of the body’s immune system including the lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus gland and bone marrow. There are more than 30 kinds of lymphoma, each with a distinct disease course and prognosis, according to Dr. Premal Lulla, hematologist and assistant professor at the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Baylor College of Medicine.

According to Dr. Lulla, the main symptom of follicular lymphoma is swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, under the arms and in the groin region. Three common secondary symptoms are fevers, severe night sweats, and extreme weight loss. In this video, lymphoma patient Thomas Burton shares his experience with follicular lymphoma.

September is Lymphoma Awareness Month. Learn more about lymphoma from Baylor’s Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

 -By Molly Chiu. Video edited by Bethany Strother.

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