Throwback Thursday: Scrub Party

One of the striking things you’ll see in pictures from 50 years ago is that medical students wore suits most of the time. So what’s with this party, where almost everyone is wearing scrubs?

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In 2018, students walking the halls at Baylor are frequently seen wearing hoodies or fairly casual clothing. But in 1957, as seen in these pictures from the Aesculapian Yearbook, courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine Archives, you’d be hard pressed to see someone from that time period wearing anything but their finest in photos. It really makes this gathering stand out.

Why are many of the participants wearing scrubs, while others are in typical party attire? Why does it appear everyone is sitting on beds? Questions abound.

Faithful readers might recall another totally normal party from 1957, in which a bunch of students hung out next to… a brain. Parties in 1957 must have been very interesting.

-By Andy Phifer

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