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Welcome to the Baylor College of Medicine Blog Network!

Baylor College of Medicine’s first blog, Momentum, was born three years and over 1,000 blog posts ago with a mission to write about medical and education news, offer expert health advice and give a glimpse into community events across our campuses.

Over time, several groups within the Baylor family contributed their expertise to Momentum, including the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (GoWoman) and the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy (PolicyWise), to name two. Later, we were joined by Baylor students at the Progress Notes blog.

Today, we are taking the next step forward into what Momentum began by combining these efforts into a new, singular platform. By combining stories from Momentum, GoWoman, PolicyWise and Progress Notes under the new homepage for Baylor blogs, the Baylor College of Medicine Blog Network will be a key source for insight into the happenings in the Baylor community.

Bookmark our new homepage, and make sure to visit the home for all of our contributing blogging partners.

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