Beat the flu: Get your vaccine now

The easiest way to help prevent the flu? Get vaccinated.

Dr. Pedro A. Piedra, professor of molecular virology and microbiology and pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, recommends everyone over the age of 6 months should be vaccinated.

“We truly believe that universal immunization is the best way to protect everybody against flu,” said Piedra. “Although you have risk groups who are more likely to get severe disease, you have other groups like school-aged children who are more likely to get infected and spread it to others in the community. The more people who are protected against what’s circulating, the less likely that an influenza season will be able to take hold or cause complications.”

See the infographic below to find out which vaccine is best for you.


Special Considerations

Piedra noted that pregnant women can receive the flu shot, the inactivated vaccine, during any trimester.

Additionally, anyone in a healthcare setting should be vaccinated to reduce the risk of spreading the flu to those susceptible in a high-risk setting like a hospital.

If you have a significant allergic reaction to one of the vaccine components or have other medical concerns, contact your physician.

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