For Dr. Beaudet: A tribute in song (and cups)

When some professors prepare to step down as chair of a department there can be luncheons, speeches and plaques. For Dr. Arthur Beaudet, the Henry and Emma Meyer Chair in Molecular Genetics Professor and chair of the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, there is singing and cup choreography, too.

A riff on the popular Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”) by actress Anna Kendrick, but with a Baylor twist. The video was made to honor Beaudet, the outgoing chair of molecular and human genetics and shown during the department’s retreat.

Produced and starring members of the Margaret Goodell lab and Department of Genetics, special appearances include Dr. Andrew Groves, Dr. Christophe Herman, Dr. Kenneth Scott, Dr. Hugo Bellen, Dr. David Nelson and Dr. Beaudet himself.

Read about Beaudet’s research into genetic mutations and autism.

Learn more about Beaudet’s role in the Human Genome Project and the College’s Human Genome Sequencing Center.

Beaudet named to National Academy of Sciences

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