Introducing Progress Notes: Stories from Baylor College of Medicine students

Medical school becomes such a whirlwind that students rarely have the time to sit back, reflect and put their experiences into perspective. Eventually after hours upon hours of studying and spending time in the hospital, we tend to forget what it was like the first time we set foot in the OR or the first time we experienced a code. The experiences become stale.

That’s why the students of Baylor College of Medicine created “Progress Notes,” a blog designed to allow us to put these medical school experiences into words. The goal of this blog is two-fold.


One, we want students to have an outlet to share their experiences. Often what happens around us is so emotionally charged that to put it into words is the only way to make sense of it all. Secondly, we want those experiences to be shared with individuals both in and outside the realm of medicine. Each student has a distinctive voice and style and these unique experiences deserve to be shared.

I decided to create this blog when I was on my Ob/Gyn labor and delivery rotation. I have no intention of going into Ob/Gyn; but while on my week of nights, I saw one case that I had to write down the story. It involved a woman who was giving birth to a baby that was to immediately be given up for adoption. The adopting mother was there at the bedside to cut the umbilical cord. But so was the birth father. The birth mother and birth father cried as they gave their baby away while the birth mother shed tears of joy. The whole situation was so bizarre and hair-raising that it was something I never wanted to forget.

These are the types of posts we hope to bring our readers on a regular basis. But we also want people to see what activities students at Baylor College of Medicine like to pursue, our thoughts on medicine and healthcare, and stories from the frontlines of research.

Today, we launch our blog with three posts containing some words of wisdom: one from MS1 Julia Wang, one from MS3 Paras Mehta and finally one from MS4 Jupin Malhi.

Please join us on Progress Notes.

-By Anup Shah, MS3 at Baylor College of Medicine

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  • So glad that this initiative came to be! Well done!


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