What is the cost of cutting research dollars?

The across-the-board cuts of the federal government’s “sequester” involve more than dollars and cents. At the level of the National Institutes of Health, it involves the hope that biomedical science offers to people with now-incurable disease.

Academic health centers such as Baylor College of Medicine and those in the Texas Medical Center represent the best the nation has to attack those diseases and restore productive life.

Two of Baylor’s leaders make that point this week in the Huffington Post.


In an article written by Dr. Paul Klotman, President and CEO of Baylor College of Medicine, and Dr. Adam Kuspa, Senior Vice President for Research, they state: “When Congress cuts funding for the NIH – the nation’s leading supporter of biomedical research – they aren’t just trimming a line in the federal budget. They’re cutting Americans’ lifespans.”

What they have to say is important for patients and for the future of us all. Read the article, “Cutting Biomedical Research $$ Shortens Americans’ Lifespans.”

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-By Ruth SoRelle, MPH

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