Don’t strike out your health when you cheer for the Astros this World Series

Whether you’re root-root-rooting for the Astros at the stadium or with friends and family at home, our experts offer some tips to make sure you stay healthy while enjoying the games.

  • A closeup shot of a baseball resting on a dirt baseball feild.Get vaccinated. It’s currently flu season and viruses love crowds. Practice good hand hygiene by carrying hand sanitizer and washing your hands frequently. Try not to share drinks with anyone and always cover your mouth using your elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  • Get anxious in crowded spaces? Have a plan to know exactly where to go and go with someone you are comfortable with. If you feel panicked, practice calming strategies such as reminding yourself to breathe.
  • Protect your hearing, and your children’s hearing, by wearing foam ear plugs. If there is pain in your ears, your hearing is muffled or you hear a ringing in your ears, give your ears a break. You cannot repair the damage caused by noise.
  • Protect your voice. Stay hydrated with water, not alcohol. Water may lessen irritation, but it will not stop damage from overuse. Find celebration alternatives – pom-poms, foam fingers, doing the wave and clapping.
  • Ease symptoms of acid reflux after eating greasy foods by taking a brief walk after eating, avoiding binge eating or drinking, making healthy diet choices the following day and packing an antacid.
  • Protect your heart. If you have a known heart ailment such as hypertension, coronary artery disease or a family history of heart conditions, be sure to take your medications regularly. Be mindful of how you feel and check your blood pressure regularly. If you have chest pressure or tightness with symptoms of sweating or shortness of breath that are persistent, don’t write it off as game-time stress; call 911 or head to an emergency room immediately.
  • Don’t let the Astros keep you from a goodnight sleep. Limit caffeine and alcohol intake, light exposure and screen time in the bedroom to keep your sleeping habits healthy. If you feel tired from staying up late, consider taking a short nap during the day or making time for exercise, as it improves quality of sleep. Catch up on sleep the day after the game or over the weekend and remember to return to your normal sleep schedule.

By Aaron Nieto and Anna Kiappes

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