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TAILOR achieves clinical success combating antibiotic-resistant microbes with phage therapy

Not long ago, the following scenario was just a possibility:

A patient in a hospital develops an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection that is untreatable or only treatable with the most toxic of antibiotics. During the 48 hours it takes to identify the bacterial species and strain, physicians and scientists also screen a library of bacterium-killing viruses or bacteriophages at hand, select those that are effective against this antibiotic-resistant bacterial strain and mix a personalized cocktail of phages to successfully treat the patient.

Only a few years have passed, but now Dr. Anthony Maresso, professor of molecular virology and microbiology, and his colleagues have turned this possibility into a reality in a clinical setting. The team has developed TAILOR — Tailored Antibacterials and Innovative Laboratories for phage (Φ) Research — a Baylor College of Medicine initiative that provides personalized therapeutic solutions for infectious diseases.

In this video interview, Dr. Maresso sat with Baylor’s president and CEO, Dr. Paul Klotman, and Dr. Joseph Petrosino, chairman and professor of molecular virology and microbiology, to talk about the clinical success they have achieved with TAILOR and the carefully designed bench-to-bed pipeline that is leading the world in developing and delivering personalized therapeutic solutions for patients with untreatable bacterial infections.

Interested in learning more about TAILOR? Visit their website or contact them directly.

Read more about TAILOR successful clinical outcomes here.


By Ana María Rodríguez, Ph.D.


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