Tips to stay healthy on a cruise

Going on a cruise is a great way to pursue much-needed rest and relaxation. However, preparation is key to enjoying your trip.

Drs. Angela Catic and Helen Cohen with Baylor College of Medicine share the following advice for cruise prep and health tips to keep in mind when you return home.

An infographic showing safety tips. An image of a cruise ship sitting on the ocean with words above reading advice. Before the cruise, pack: Broad spectrum sunscreen; Sunhat; Protective lip balm; Sunglasses; Comfortable, non-slip shoes to reduce risk of falling; An extra week’s worth of medication in carry-on luggage; Sweaters or wraps to keep warm. After the cruise, recover carefully: If you experience a rolling sensation, avoid going out on another boat or cruise for a while. You should also avoid long car rides, flights, and vigorous exercise that involves head movement until the sensation subsides; After elder adults return from a cruise, they should take time to rest and resume a healthy diet.

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