Enhance your skin, face in New Year

Change comes in many different forms, but the best change happens when you enhance the features you already have. For the New Year, some choose to change their eating habits while others embark on a new skin care regimen.

Simple treatments to enhance your skin can help you achieve a brighter, healthier look.  Here are some procedures and treatments to consider:

  • Facials – A facial will increase blood flow while exfoliating dead skin cells that can cause dullness. Massaging the skin with customized oils and moisturizers will create younger looking, glowing skin,
  • Chemical peels –Containing acids such as lactic, glycolic, TCA, pyruvic, and mandelic, chemical peels penetrate deep into the surface layers of the skin. Deep exfoliation occurs during this treatment, reducing fine lines, age spots, scarring and
  • Dermaplaning –Using a tool to gently remove dead skin cells and superficial facial hair, dermaplaning results in a more even skin tone, which helps makeup application go more smoothly.
  • Microblading – If you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution to achieve fuller eyebrows, microblading may be an option for you. Microblading is a technique used to create an eyebrow tattoo, giving the appearance of fine hairline strokes and lasting around one to three years. It is the most natural approach for tattooing because it uses pigment that fades to brown, not ink which can fade to a grayish blue.

Fillers and surgical options

You may choose from a variety of cosmetic procedures, ranging from in-office injectable fillers to surgical options, including eyelifts and facelifts. Consider the following facial rejuvenation procedures:

  • Injectable fillers – To create a more youthful appearance, there are a variety of options to plump wrinkles and fill in areas that have changed with age.
  • Eyelid surgery – Looking to rejuvenate puffy or sagging eyelids? Eyelid surgery can brighten your eyes and refresh your look.
  • Facelift surgery – This is the most definitive procedure to reestablish a youthful and natural appearance in the face and neck regions.
  • Nasal surgery – The benefits of nasal surgery can range from breathing improvement to enhancing the appearance of your nose.

Whether you opt for a new skin care regimen or a surgical procedure, always choose the best path for yourself without changing who you are.

Additional Resources

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 -By Kim Chang, aesthetician at the Baylor Aesthetics Studio, and Dr. Krista Olson, director of the Facial Plastic Surgery Center at Baylor College of Medicine

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