Treatment for systemic inflammation goal of researcher

This feature is part of an ongoing series that focuses on, highlighting clinical and translational research at Baylor College of Medicine.

For the past several years, Miguel Cruz, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Medicine-Thrombosis Division at Baylor College of Medicine, has been working to develop a novel treatment for systemic inflammatory syndromes, such as sepsis.

“My interest in thrombosis started when I was doing my Ph.D. work. When I moved to Houston, I started working with protein that might prevent thrombosis. We noticed a direct link between thrombosis and inflammation. That’s when I became interested in researching inflammation,” he said.

As a result of his research, Cruz has been awarded funding from the Alkek Award for Pilot Projects in Experimental Therapeutics to continue his efforts. Cruz discusses the evolution of his research interests, lessons he would like to share with fellow researchers, and what the Alkek Award means to his career in the video below.

Read more about Cruz’s research.

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