'Pursuit' to improve lives of adults living with developmental disabilities

When it comes to supporting local non-profits, Baylor College of Medicine Trustee and Vice Chair David Baldwin took championing a cause across the country. Over the summer Baldwin led a 3,500-mile, coast-to-coast bicycle ride to raise awareness and more than $13.5 million for The Center, a Houston-based not-for-profit organization committed to improving the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The ride, called Pursuit, began June 6 in Portland, Ore. Baldwin led fellow riders to Rehoboth Beach, Del., where the ride ended on Aug. 3.

“Adults with disabilities are now living life expectancies two to three times longer than what they did 50 years ago. The more we can help people live normal lives, the longer they are going to live,” Baldwin said.

Watch Baldwin discuss the importance of Pursuit in the video below.

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