MS1 life begins now!

Compiled by Doha Aboul-Fotouh, David Mathai, and Julia Wang

Class of 2020
Baylor College of Medicine’s Class of 2020

At Baylor, classes started two weeks ago and we asked…

Upperclassmen: What would you go back and tell your MS1 self?

  • “Make self-care a priority! This goes beyond eating well and sleeping well. Take well-deserved study breaks, maintain hobbies, spend time with family and friends and celebrate the small triumphs.”
  • “Get a dog or another dog.”
  • “Be able to celebrate the success of your peers! The only person you should strive to outdo is yourself.”
  • “Travel more.”
  • “Figure out who you want to be and put all of yourself towards that, and don’t be distracted by the beautiful celebrities.”
  • “Enjoy every day!”

First years: What about your first two weeks surprised you the most?

  • “Houston is way more humid than I expected.”
  • “How friendly people have been.”
  • “The amount of stress I didn’t have. At first, I felt very overwhelmed. Once classes started, I was able to find my groove and focus.”
  • “The heat.”
  • “How excited everyone is.”
  • “The overall culture and social aspect of medical school were surprising. A lot more collaboration than I was anticipating, it’s been great!”
  • “The fact that everyone at Baylor is so friendly”
  • “How many distractions I can find to avoid studying.”
  • “How helpful the upperclassmen are.”
  • “How awesome everyone is!”
  • “How friendly and receptive the staff, peers and upperclassmen were.”
  •  “This question.”
  •  “How much time I didn’t have to get things done.”
  • “How much I love my classmates!”

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