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Selected healthy-living cooking blogs

Julia WangBy Julia Wang, MS1

I came up with a short list to identify places where students can find easy, yummy and healthy recipes for busy schedules. I’ve always been convinced that cooking and knowing exactly what you are eating would help you stay healthy. Plus, you can save money by avoiding ordering delivery three nights a week.

On a daily basis, there are many things that prevent me from cooking and not having enough time is usually on the top of my list of excuses. But I found that by cooking in bulk, it actually saves me time. However, I would usually be intimidated by the long list of ingredients and paragraphs after paragraphs of instructions in a recipe. That’s why I prefer to go to food blogs with delicious photos and even videos!

Here is a glimpse at how I start cooking.

  1. Looking for recipes with minimal variety of ingredients? Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Blog is where you can find some. It includes videos and straightforward instructions! Easy and good recipes are absolutely a godsend on weekday nights.
  2. Don’t know where to start at all? Check out for potential dishes that you want to cook (i.e. saliva-inducing food). I apologize if you start feeling hungry with an empty fridge at home.
  3. I often find fancy recipes on blogs with beautiful food but simplify them and make them in bulk. Here are some tips to make food in bulk! This is KEY to how you save money and time by cooking at home.
  4. If you are in need of some entertainment, here is a series of cooking videos with a poodle narrator and a Japanese lady. To be honest, few of these recipes are practical for a student’s daily life style, but who doesn’t need animal videos in their lives?
  5. Finally, Natalie Uy, MS2, has an awesome food blog called Obsessive Cooking Disorder with an amazing variety of recipes and frequent updates.  (She shows us that it CAN indeed be done. But how does she do it??)

One thought on “Selected healthy-living cooking blogs

  • Oh my, I’m honored to be featured haha! A good hot meal makes any long day at clinic better 🙂

    Other great resources are Budget Bytes (great for poor medical students), Simply recipes, and Joy of Baking, Food Network, Epicurious, and Real Simple

    Happy cooking


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