Student Simulation Showcase helps students gain valuable experience

On April 16, students from Baylor College of Medicine and the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston joined together to highlight the benefits of peer-led simulation education. Students formed teams tasked with managing clinical scenarios ranging in complexity from shortness of breath to unknown toxin exposure.

The scenarios were developed by members of Baylor’s Simlympics team, who have repeated as champions at the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM) annual competition for the last two years. Each scenario was judged based on factors like teamwork, communication, and accuracy of decision-making.

“It’s amazing to watch the students’ progress as they get practice managing different clinical situations. It’s not so much medical knowledge that we try to teach. We emphasize how to do the most with what you already know – how to apply your training outside the context of classrooms and multiple-choice exams,” said Sam Buck, third-year medical student and president of the Student Simulation Society.

A Baylor team composed of first-year students Hayden Hibbard, Jared Mortus, Jake Jacob, Andre Critsinelis, and Rafael Lima received the highest overall score at the showcase. They have been invited to represent Baylor for the third consecutive year at the SESAM competition in Lisbon, Portugal June 15-17.

“It’s not surprising that students get better with more simulation experience. But it is surprising just how big an impact simulation can have. We routinely see first-year students who have participated in simulation training manage scenarios more effectively than third-and fourth-year students who have had much more clinical experience,” Buck said.

The Student Simulation Society would like to thank their faculty mentor Dr. Tyson Pillow, President, CEO and Executive Dean Dr. Paul Klotman, Deborah Taylor, and the Baylor Simulation Center for the tremendous support they have shown to this program.

View photos from the event below.

-By Jake Valentine, MS3 and treasurer of Baylor’s Student Simulation Society

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