Expired makeup can lead to blemishes

Flawless makeup application and healthy skin rely heavily on using fresh makeup. Expired makeup can lead to blemishes

Annie Christenson, head aesthetician at Baylor College of Medicine’s Aesthetics Studio, reminds her clients to check makeup expiration dates before applying.

She recommends storing makeup in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Not properly storing makeup can lead to quicker deterioration of the products. Christenson says some makeup products have expiration dates printed on the product but some do not.

If there is no visible printed expiration date, signs that makeup may be expired and no longer fresh are:

  • Odor
  • Change of color
  • Change in consistency

If your makeup has changed in either of these ways, she says to toss it and buy new. More specifically, her rule of thumb for mascara is using it for no longer than 3 months before buying a new tube.

“Besides keeping makeup fresh, it’s important to remember that makeup should be applied with clean tools,” Christenson added.

She said most makeup brushes are made with real hair so it can be cleaned with shampoo. Use a cup of water and half a teaspoon of shampoo to clean the brush.

“Remember to only get the hair wet. Water will damage the metal and wood on the brushes,” Christenson said.

By Julia Parsons

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