Donor dedication

This week, the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations hosted an unveiling of the Donor Wall at the Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, McNair Campus. The wall recognizes donors who made significant gifts to the Best Minds, Best Medicine Campaign, which ran from July 2003 to June 2013.

The campaign exceeded its $1 billion fundraising goal by $51 million and was led by Baylor trustee and campaign chairman Corby Robertson and board chairs Bob Allen and Marc Shapiro. More than 25,000 donors and 5,200 alumni gave to the campaign.

637 names are displayed on the wall and it is made up of 252 four-sided glass bricks.

Donors were invited to provide a quote on the bricks. Quotes included grateful patients honoring their physicians, Baylor College of Medicine alumni who are grateful for the educational mission, inspired philanthropists who want to improve healthcare and heartfelt family remembrances.

Quotes displayed on the wall include:

“Let us all support critical research today as it paves a way for cures tomorrow.” – The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation

“The future of medicine depends on excellent research and teaching of students and residents. Baylor has, and shall, excel in this role. We are proud to support our institution.” – Martha Ann and Harold M. Selzman, M.D. ‘62

“We recognize Baylor College of Medicine’s leadership and importance in advancing human health in Houston and the world.” – Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Finger

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