The volunteer effect: Making an impact

Baylor College of Medicine teams up with many different local non-profit health organizations for events throughout the year, including the upcoming Houston Avon Walk April 12 – 13 – marking the seventh year in a row Baylor will serve as the official medical sponsor.

As the medical sponsor, Baylor oversees all health care for the nearly 1,000 women and men who commit to walk 39 miles over a weekend to raise important funds for breast cancer. Every year, our physicians, nurses and trainees take time outside of their regular clinic schedule to support those who walk.

Why volunteer? 

Lending a helping hand helps makes fundraisers successful. The money raised for events like the Avon Walk help support critically important programs at Baylor and throughout Houston that have improved the health of women all over the city.

In particular, funds raised from the Avon Foundation have helped improve access to prevention resources and life-saving treatments for the under- and uninsured community.

Read more about their support and this important program.

Volunteer opportunities

Licensed healthcare professionals are needed to staff the medical tents on April 12 – 13. To volunteer for the medical staff, contact Sanah Haque at 713-798-1649 or Baylor will host a cheer station on the first day of the walk. To volunteer at the cheer station, contact Glenna Picton at or 713-798-7973.

-By Glenna Picton

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