Battling pediatric AIDS: Restoring hope, health to communities

Outreach team from the the Baylor-Botswana COE making a home visit in Gaborone.
Outreach team from the the Baylor-Botswana COE making a home visit in Gaborone.

For more than a decade, Baylor College of Medicine has helped make lifesaving treatment available for thousands of children suffering from HIV and AIDS around the world.

The Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital was born out of a 1996 trip to Romania by Dr. Mark Kline, physician-in-chief at Texas Children’s and chair of pediatrics at Baylor.

Today, 15 centers and satellite clinics care for more than 300,000 children and their families.

The Texas Children’s Global Health Corps (successor to the Baylor Pediatric AIDS Corps) provides young doctors to staff the clinics and develop the local expertise to sustain the operation.

Learn more about BIPAI.

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